Industrial robots are increasingly being used in all areas of the manufacturing sector, by companies large and small from all corners of the world. Such robots have been utilized since the 1970s, but the usage of industrial robots has really taken off in the last decade. So much so that the face of the manufacturing industry has been changed forever. Manufacturers have seen enormous gains in productivity through the use of industrial robots. Robots are cheaper and faster than human workers. The usage of robots on manufacturing lines allows human employees to work jobs that are less dangerous, less repetitive, and better paid.

Characteristics of industrial robots

There are several defining characteristics that separate industrial robots from other types of robots. For one, they must be fully automated. They also need to be programmable. Finally, true industrial robots can move on two or perhaps more axes.

Applications of industrial robots

There are many different applications for industrial robots. In fact, these applications are limited only by the ingenuity of the people who design and program the machines. Some typical uses for industrial robots include painting, making circuit boards, packaging, loading pallets, inspecting products, testing products, and performing welds. The exacting standards of engineering and programming ensure that industrial robots operate with a high degree of precision, speed, and inhuman endurance.

Types of industrial robots

Just as there are many different applications for industrial robots, there are many different types of robots used for manufacturing. Some of the most common types include SCARA robots, articulated robots, industrial delta robots, and gantry or XYZ robots. Most industrial robots would technically be categorized as types of robotic arms or manipulators as they are sometimes known.

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