The M-710iC/70T is a fantastic option for tasks like assembly with heavy loads. The top mount option on this model allows you more customization.

This series of Fanuc robots has a slender wrist, a sturdy arm, and a small footprint. This top mount version, which has the best repeatability in the entire range, is the lightest. With its numerous mounting options, which can support 70 kg, you may conserve floor space.

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Axes: 6
Payload: 70 kg
H-Reach:  1900 mm
Repeatability: ±0.07 mm
Robot Mass: 410 kg
Controller: R30iB Plus
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle

Motion Range

J1: *Rail Dependent
J2:  261°
J3:  491°
J4:  720°
J5:  250°
J6:  720°

Maximum Speed

J1:  *Rail Dependent
J2: 120
J3: 120
J4: 225
J5: 225
J6: 225

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