LR Mate 200iD-4S Fanuc Robot from RobotWorld Automation

This 6-axis short arm robot is incredibly small and was created for small and restricted places. This model is simple to integrate and offers a variety of alternatives, such as integrated intelligent capabilities (robotic vision & force sensing) and unique application packages.

This model may be mounted practically anyplace because it weighs only 20 kg. The LR Mate 200iD/4S is the perfect option for extremely small places thanks to its slim arm, compact design, and wiring that runs through the arm and wrist.

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Axes: 6
Payload: 4 kg
H-Reach: 550 mm
Repeatability: ±0.01 mm
Robot Mass: 20 kg
Controller: R30iB Mate
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle

Motion Range

J1:  340°
J2:  230°
J3:  402°
J4:  380°
J5:  240°
J6:  720°

Maximum Speed

J1: 460
J2: 460
J3: 520
J4: 560
J5: 560
J6: 900
LR Mate 200iD-4S Fanuc Robot Specification from RobotWorld Automation

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