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This 4-axis compact palletizing robot, model M-410iC/315, was designed for precision and high-speed handling of payloads weighing up to 315 kg.  The M-410 is specifically designed to stack pallets up to a height of two meters, operating within an optimized work space and benefiting from a high vertical stroke.  This model has a hollow wrist design allowing for internally routed cables and hoses to eliminate interference.

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Axes: 4
Payload: 315 kg
H-Reach: 3143 mm
Repeatability: ±0.05 mm
Robot Mass: 1600 kg
Controller: R30iB 
Mounting: Floor

Motion Range

J1: 360°
J2: 144°
J3: 136°
J4: 720°
J5:   –
J6:   –

Maximum Speed

J1: 90
J2: 100
J3: 110
J4: 195
J5:   –
J6:   –
M-410iC-315 Fanuc Robot Specifications - RobotWorld

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