Fanuc Industrial Robot from Robot World, authorized Fanuc Integrator

The 710iC series of Fanuc robots feature a slender wrist, a sturdy arm, and a small footprint. This particular model is incredibly quick and has a 5-axis design that makes it perfect for robotic packing and palletizing applications.

Short connections to the tool, more dependable wiring, I/out gripper signals, and 24 volt air connectors are all made possible by the integrated air and electrical services from J1 to J3.

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Axes: 5
Payload: 50 kg
H-Reach:  2003 mm
Repeatability: ±0.03 mm
Robot Mass: 540 kg
Controller: R30iB Plus
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle

Motion Range

J1:  360°
J2:  225°
J3:  440°
J4:  234°
J5:  720°
J6:  –

Maximum Speed

J1: 175
J2: 175
J3: 175
J4: 175
J5: 720
J6:  –

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