Fanuc CRX-10iA-L Cobot from RobotWorld Automation

The 10kg payload, 1,418mm reach, and distinctive underflip motion of the CRX-10iA/L Collaborative Robot make it an ideal choice.  The Cobot’s lightweight, small size, and long reach make it simple to integrate it into any workspace or system.

  • Simple to install without a crane or other lifting apparatus.
  • For even greater space savings, CRX Collaborative Robots utilizes FANUC’s most recent small R-30iB Mini Plus Controller.
  • Uses 120V power to operate.

It is easy to program using CRX Cobot lead through programming with a new teach pendant user interface with drag and drop programming.

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Axes: 6
Payload: 10 kg
H-Reach: 1418 mm
Repeatability: ±0.04 mm
Robot Mass:  39 kg
Controller: R30iB Mini Plus
Mounting: Floor

Motion Range

J1:  360°
J2:  360°
J3:  540°
J4:  380°
J5:  360°
J6:  380°

Maximum Speed

Collaborative Mode 1000 mm/sec
High Speed Mode 2000 mm/sec

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