The Fanuc CR-4iA collaborative robot has six axes and a maximum payload of 4kg, making it the smallest in the collaborative family.  It is capable of handling simple, time-consuming manual tasks. Because of its small size, the robot can perform smaller tasks in areas with limited space.

Collaborative robots can take over mundane tasks and work side by side with humans to tackle more complex tasks that require more interactive approaches (e.g. robot hands the part and the operator handles the quality checking).

A safety stop feature allows close operation to humans without fencing, in addition to a compact, slim design. This unique ability increases space availability, resulting in significant cost savings.

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Axes: 6
Payload: 4 kg
H-Reach:  550 mm
Repeatability: ±0.01 mm
Robot Mass:  48 kg
Controller: R30iB Plus
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle

Motion Range

J1:  340°
J2:  150°
J3:  354°
J4:  380°
J5:  200°
J6:  720°

Maximum Speed

J1: 500
J2: 500
J3: 500
J4: 500
J5: 500
J6: 500

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