An industrial robot is a smart investment in that it can help organizations keep up their production levels by automating tasks that ultimately distract workers. It also increases the accuracy and quality of the goods being produced. However, robots are still apt to be worn down over time, and require proper maintenance so companies don’t have to pay the replacement costs down the line. If you’re wondering how often your robot needs to be inspected, then keep the following facts in mind to protect your investment.

Keep Track of the Time

Your robot should be measured on how often it’s in use, so it’s important to have records of when it’s operating. Normally you should be inspecting it after 3,850 hours. Considering many industrial applications will use a robot around the clock, this deadline may come as soon as 6 months. Even if you don’t use the robot very often though, you should still have it inspected once every year. Inspect the robot for whichever time limit comes first for your best chance at prolonging the life of the machine.

Your Responsibilities

It’s easy to let inspections go by when things are busy, or even when the routine of a company just takes over. Maybe the robot never has any problems and always functions like clockwork, leading you to believe that it will never break down. Or perhaps the first few inspections turn up no problems to the machinery. But these inspections tell you more than just the current problems of the machine, but also what the problems may be in the future. Certain parts that are prone to breaking down, for example, have a chance to be thoroughly examined, which can give you a good indication of what will need to be replaced. This is not only good for the budget, but also good for the robot. Wait too long, and the costs of replacement will continue to climb.

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