The M-20iB/25C is a Clean Room Robot from Fanuc with a 25 kg payload capacity.  It is a 6 Axis robot with an 1853 mm reach and is manufactured for use in cleanroom environments such as those found in medical, optical, pharmaceutical or the electronics industry.

Clean Room Robots from Fanuc are equipped with special white paint which is meant for daily wash downs that are common in these applications.

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Axes: 6
Payload:  25 kg
H-Reach: 1853 mm
Repeatability: ±0.02 mm
Robot Mass: 210 kg
Controller: R30iB 
Mounting: Floor, Inverted, Angle

Motion Range

J1: 340°
J2: 240°
J3: 303°
J4: 400°
J5: 290°
J6: 540°

Maximum Speed

J1: 205
J2: 205
J3: 260
J4: 415
J5: 415
J6: 880

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