As an Authorized Fanuc Integrator, RobotWorld can provide Fanuc‘s decades of experience and expertise as an industry-leading provider of industrial and robotic vision inspection systems. FANUC is also the only industrial robot and cobot manufacturer with the capability to integrate their proprietary vision system “iRVision” with every FANUC robot.  iRVision is a one-of-a-kind, fully-integrated visual detection system that allows FANUC robots to see, making quality inspection faster, smarter, and more reliable.

FANUC‘s automated solutions are simple to set up, operate, and are extremely adaptable. The best part is that an iRVision inspection solution can be implemented without the need for complex programming or expert knowledge.

Using robots for vision inspection systems not only adds value by improving process quality and accuracy, but it also reduces the number of cameras required for inspection. This is due to the fact that a single 6-axis robot can move and manipulate an inspection camera into multiple positions with high precision, speed, and repeatability. This lowers capital equipment costs and saves floorspace by reducing the overall footprint of your vision inspection system.

Opportunities to improve production and the overall bottom line emerge as new industries emerge and companies adapt their manufacturing operations to stay competitive with the latest market trends. RobotWorld and our team of automation engineers can help to create a vision inspection systems for your application, even in industries such as e-commerce and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where they can significantly improve manufacturing processes.

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